Launching a new venture requires a game plan.

Connect with customers creating a lean user experience.

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Passion + Purpose

vision Lay the #cornerstone of your organization.

Target Acquisition

persona Create an image of your customer #segments.

Interview Hacking

problems Test #assumptions with customer development.

Art of Storytelling

outcome Write a #value proposition that resonates with customers.

Landing Pages

persona + problems + outcome Launch a page #connecting the dots.


prototype Deliver value with #concierge treatments.

Let's discuss your venture.

Playbook is training for your lean dream team. We teach fundamentals of lean user experience while designing your next venture. Onsite or online, our interactive workshops encourage collaboration while building innovative business models.

creative, out of the box, actionable recommendations for your business

Francisco Bonilla Kuhlmann Co-Founder, CEO Altr√ľus

In only a few short sessions, we were able to break down the core value of the business along with making our target more specific than we were able to do in the last year.

Shane Hvizdzak Founder, CEO Helpified


Interact with your team and customers to build amazing products.
Validate your business model with design activities.

Apply Lean Startup® methodology with arts and crafts rather than math.

Leap for Mankind is a leanux agency headquartered in Austin.

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